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Pathfinder Year 2017-2018

Pathfinder Lake Day 8/20/2017 

Join us for Jet Ski, Water Ski, Swimming and Tubing. Location to be announced the week prior to Lake day. This event is open to everyone. Bring a friend, and your favorite snack to share.

Registration begins 8/23/2017 @ 6:00pm

Pathfinder Club – A new Format focuses on Fun

This year we have eliminated all book work, memorization, and other study related items from our basic meetings. Our meetings will focus on fun activities, honors, and worshiping God.

The AY portion will be covered by our Sabbath School departments, and during special worship events throughout the year.

The Extreme meetings and activities are the same as always — EXTREME!

The pathfinder club meets twice a month, the 1st and 3rd Wednesday to work on AY and club honors.

The pathfinder club will be attending the Area Camporee in addition to two campouts (November & February).

Pathfinder Extreme

Everyone is eligible for pathfinder extreme, and there is no additional costs involved in participation. All extreme club activities are funded by the fundraising and work the extreme members put into it. Last Year the extreme club went Skiing @ Copper Mountain ski resort. This was a great opportunity for the club members to get to do things that they otherwise would never have been able to afford.

Pathfinder Extreme campouts will be focused on an activity, and are designed to teach the pathfinder to plan and prepare for themselves. The pathfinder will be self-sufficient for all gear and food during the extreme campouts. The club will be providing basic equipment, such as Tents, and cooking fuel/stoves. This gear will be distributed to the pathfinder to pack and be responsible for during the campout.

This year the following Extreme trips are planned:

Aug. 20, 2017: Lake Day
Sep. 8-10, 2017: Extreme Canoe/Kayak Trip (TBD)
Mar. 7-18, 2018: Extreme Fishing/Amusement Parks/Camping Trip: Branson, MO
Apr. 12-15, 2018: Extreme Backpacking Trip (Arkansas)

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2017-2018 Calendar has been posted

The new updated calendar is now online. This has all events for the 2017-2018 year

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